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Castella Body Lotion

Castella Body Lotion come in three variants with each own benefits. The formula is specifically designed to hydrate and to help to brighten your precious skin if applied regularly. Additionally, you can feel the pleasing sensation when applying the body lotion over your skin. It is not sticky and quick to moisturize.

Castella Body Scrub

The milk content inside Castella Body Scrub will help to moisturize, while the pearl powder will help to remove dirt, dead skin cells and to reveal the healthy skin layer beneath. It is best to apply Castella Body Scrub before shower. Leaving you with a fresh and healthy skin intact for your next activities.

Castella Milky Soap

Castella Milky Soap helps to clean and brighten your skin while also keeping you relax when you shower with its smooth fragrance. Castella Milky Soap also suits wide range of skin type due to its natural ingredients.

Castella Eyebrow Pencil

Available in black and brown

Castella Lipcream

Castella Body Wash